Introducing ForDaughter Magazine: A Momento for the Mother-Daughter Bond!

We made it! A one-of-a-kind magazine specially curated to cherish the bond shared by a mother and her daughter. Explore your way through its amazing and awe-inspiring stories and featured articles!

Introducing ForDaughter Christmas Magazine is thrilled to announce the launch of the one-of-a-kind publication for mothers and daughters to cherish their lifestyle and style statements. Presenting with utmost joy is the ForDaughter Magazine: Christmas Edition 1. Here’s a glimpse of the cover page.

ForDaughter Christmas Magazine - Edition 1

Curated with love, ForDaughter Magazine has the essence of what motherhood looks like. It has the touch of modernism added by the entrepreneurial and socially renowned Moms which we interviewed. It has featured articles about styling tips, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, family love, motherhood stories and many more.

Featuring in the ForDaughter Magazine are our three lively guests. Their co-operation and contribution have inspired us to give our best in curating this magazine. One of them is Louisa Mercado from, a single mom, blogger, host, and influencer. Next is Pratibha from, a true inspiration for leading the Eco-friendly movement in her own seamless methods. And then, Hetal Shah from, a fashion and beauty enthusiast bringing in a different perspective for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Festive Surprises Add Ons: Christmas Magazine Edition!

We know Christmas is here and all those family feels must have kicked in already, therefore, this edition of For Daughter Magazine has some Christmas surprises for the readers that would make this holiday season more exciting.

Who Should Read Our Magazine?

  • All the loving mothers who like to explore more about the mother-daughter bond and stories
  • All the entrepreneurial Moms thinking to take that leap of faith into business
  • All the Single Moms who are proud to make an impactful lifestyle that they have
  • All the working women thriving to make the best time for their children
  • And last but not least, the fashion enthusiasts who like to take their family fashion game (especially mommy and me dresses) to the next level.

So what keeps you waiting? Get your free copy of ForDaughter Christmas Magazine Edition 1 now! 

Download ForDaugther Christmas Magazine PDF

[P.S. – A two-page view shows you the best version of the ForDaughter magazine in pdf viewer. Do try that.]

Let us know how you liked it in the comments section below so that we bring you the next edition at the earliest. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more surprises in the next edition! Adios` for now!

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