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10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter: Fun & Practical

Buying 10th birthday gifts for daughters is such a surreal moment for a lot of parents. Your little one is suddenly 10, entering the double digits, and soon before you know she’s an adult. But before you spiral and start thinking about her getting married and whatnot, pull the breaks and focus on just this day. Just think about what you want to gift to your daughter as a 10th birthday gift.

Clothing items as 10th Birthday gifts for daughter

This is a new phase of their lives, buy 10th birthday gifts for daughter as she’ll also need new clothes and matching accessories. We know that they’re still young but they’re also entering their pre-teen years so changes will happen. They’ll be making new friends, will like new movies, characters, games and so their style will also be new. With our huge collection and variety in the clothing section, you can get them everything that they’ll need. We have categories like dresses, rompers, outfits, tops, shirts, skirts, swimsuits and so much more. Not only can you find the right size and fit for your daughter but you can also find them in different prints, patterns, and themes. Mostly at this age, your daughter will either still be into dolls and playhouses or she’ll be curious to explore different things. Both of these things are perfectly normal as every child grows at their own pace. Keeping this important thing in mind, we have the right collection for you. Use this as a guide of sorts for ideas for your 10th birthday gifts for daughters.

Arts and Crafts kit 10th Birthday ideas for daughter

10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter Gifts that let them make stuff for themselves, their parents, their friends, or otherwise is a fun activity for a 10-year-old girl. She'll like experimenting with things as she begins to spread out and establish her style, likes, and dislikes.
  • Tie-dye gift set: This is a fun gift for a 10-year-old that loves all things colorful. She can use this gift alone or together with her friends as a fun group activity.
  • Clay kits: It’s so fun to play with clay, you can make so many structures, animals, and in some cases charms. You can use the things she has made and turn them into little displays too!
  • Bead Jewelry kits: As a ten-year-old, if you get this as a gift, you’re golden. With a booklet and all the necessary accessories, you can make different types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even rings. She can make pieces for herself, her friends, and even you with this set.

Fun stationery items for your daughter’s 10th birthday gift

10th birthday ideas for daughter With school projects, homework and events, it is likely that your daughter uses a lot of stationery, so, let’s give her some fun and cute ones that she can use every day. From everyday items to quirky special ones, we have it all in one place. From gel pens, fun coloring kits to journals, and poster-making sets, choose what she’ll like to use.
  • Digital drawing board: This is a useful and fun gift especially if your daughter loves to draw and doodle things. Instead of doing so on paper and misplacing it, you can help her set it online with all her drawings in one place. It’s also really easy to use with a pen and a board to draw, this is good for your daughter’s creative development.
  • Doodle books and pillow: This right here is another great gift for a girl with artistic abilities, the books can be personalized and year marked which you can store safely. The doodle pillow is reusable, comes with pens and fun activities for your girl before she sleeps every night.
There are a variety of different gifts that will appeal to young girls, going from classic books to unique gadgets and fancy matching pajamas. Simply make sure that everything you select is appropriate as 10th birthday gifts for your daughter and is neither too simple nor too difficult.

Sporty and Outdoorsy items as 10th birthday ideas for daughters

daughter 10th birthday gift Getting your daughters away from the TV and into nature can be tough but a necessary task. Your daughters will benefit from outdoor activities in a variety of ways, including improved health and a bit of stress relief from schoolwork. Gifts that'll inspire your daughter to get outside and be sportier are a terrific option. Some outdoorsy items and athletic bottoms like leggings as 10th birthday ideas for daughters can be:
  • Pogo stick
  • Softball game kit
  • Balancing scooter (Electric and otherwise)
  • Archery set
  • Trampoline
  • Skateboard
  • Roller skates
We know that every day something new is trending, while new gift items keep on coming. Don’t feel overwhelmed, you can pick the right 10th birthday gifts for your daughter. From gifts for daughters with all personality types to shopping with a budget, we’ve thought it through. You just focus on making this day special for your little one this year. Check out our other collection of 13th birthday gifts for daughters too!